MagCase: Magnetic Case for iPhone 12

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Low Profile and Soft Liquid Silicone Case

The MagCase is a low-profile, magnetic case for the iPhone 12 series, made of soft liquid silicone, and works with MagSafe accessories. The combination of a generous camera lip and a subtle display lip, keeps the MagCase slim and ergonomic, while protecting your phone from scratches and cracks from daily use. With the buttons protected, you will no longer be digging your fingers to turn up the volume and lock your phone.

Works with the MagBank

The MagCase works perfectly with the MagBank, providing a secure magnetic bond between the two. Some say they're the perfect duo!

Usable with MagSafe® accessories.

MagCase + MagBank

Comparable to Apple's MagSafe cases, for a fraction of the cost, the MagCase features a strong, built-in magnetic ring. Perfect for use with the MagBank!

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