MagBank Magnetic Ring Attachment (3-pack)

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Convert Your Case into MagSafe

The MagLock Magnetic Ring Attachment, for the MagBank, enables safe wireless charging by making your ordinary phone/case compatible with MagSafe chargers and accessories. Designed specifically for use with our MagBank, the magnetic wireless power bank, the MagLock ring attachment provides easy, place-and-go wireless charging by automatically aligning your phone and case with your MagBank wireless charger, locking it into place.

All non iPhone 12 and non-MagSafe cases using the MagBank will require a magnetic ring attachment. The MagLock Magnetic Ring works best on smooth cases that are thin (i.e. <6mm thick) and can also be placed directly on the backs of phones.

The MagLock Magnetic Ring comes in bundles of three. Each ring is double sided with one side being 3M adhesive (peel and stick), and the other side being magnet (attach and go).  

Although the MagLock ring isn't permanent, it is meant to use only once. Once the ring is removed from your device/case, you will not be able to reuse it on another case or phone, as they are non-transferrable from one case/phone to another.